Breathe well, feel well

Easy breathing techniques for everyday living

We all hold a super tool inside of ourselves that is impactful, free of charge and accessible at all times: our breath. Yet, the breath is so often undervalued. We might be unaware of what our breath can do for us. Or we might take it for granted and think: I am here, so I am already breathing, right? And although it’s definitely good news your breath is keeping you alive and kicking right now, there is so much more to the breath than just whether we are breathing. Just as important is the quality of our breath: how we inhale and exhale. Our breath has an immense impact on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. It directly influences our brain, nervous system, emotions and heart rate. With its major impact, it’s worth to get to understand the power of our breath and learn how we can use it to our advantage, so that we can support ourselves throughout each day. Whether this means energizing yourself whenever you need a little pick-me-up, gaining more clarity and focus in the mind, or calming yourself down: the breath is your friend.

Let’s get started with two simple breathing techniques that can easily be incorporated in daily life. Enjoy a couple of breath cycles in the morning, before you go to bed or in between your work day, to feel refreshed, balanced and centered. Here we go!

Prefer personal guidance during your breathwork? I would be delighted to guide you through a relaxing reset during Monday’s online Yin yoga class. You are most welcome to join, by signing up here

Or go for a fundamental, extensive pause and let yourself be fully recharged after a warm, mellow and intimate (mini) retreat, where we combine breathwork with mindfulness, nutrition and yoga. Find out more about the workshops, special classes and retreats, and treat yourself to one of the most precious gifts for your health and wellbeing: deep rest.

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