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Playful Yin and Flow yoga for all levels, that guides you back to the coziest home you can imagine: yourself. By relaxed exploration, you will become skilled in feeling your body and let movement arise from here. This is the secret to gradually making your yoga feel like YOU. Who said yoga should be serious? Or should be done according to ‘perfect’ and fixed shapes? Why not let your Puppy pose wiggle it’s tail and crawl your way into your Downward facing dog?

Join a class or workshop, book a private session or go for a customized in-company vitality program, and let’s bring out those warm rays of sunshine inside of you, shall we?

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Yoga classes – Groups and private

Looking for an after-work chill-out with Yin yoga? Or perhaps an energizing flow during your morning break? All from the comfort of your own living room: that’s the benefit of this supersonic, digital way of yoga! Check out the schedule for online classes here.

Private and individual sessions can be scheduled upon request and tailored to your needs.

Workshops and Retreats

From breathing techniques and slowing down to ‘How to truly relax’: Dive into your topic of interest and enrich your yoga practice by attending a workshop. Are you more the ‘all or nothing’ type? Surrender into a complete immersion of rest and serenity in one of my retreats. Check out what is next on the schedule!

In-company programs

It has been scientifically proven that yoga and meditation stimulate one’s productivity, creativity, concentration and resilience. Besides that, vitality, wellbeing and satisfaction of employees become increasingly important as well. Happy team = happy output! Check out how vitality programs can help your workers to thrive.

Let me hear you..

‘A very nice and playful yin class from a lovely teacher, with a very calm and grounding voice’

― Zeyda, Den Haag

‘Ik ben naar zoveel yin-lessen in Den Haag geweest, maar elke keer denk ik: Nee, dit is geen Melanie. Haar lessen zijn voor mij een match made in heaven! Zij weet mij volledig uit mijn hoofd te halen. zodat ik écht kan zakken in mijn lijf. Ik ben even helemaal uit mijn dagelijkse drukte. Het voelt alsof haar les maar 10 minuten duurt, zó snel vliegt deze voorbij. Ik ervaar het als een cadeau aan mezelf en kan het iedereen aanraden!

― Alette, Den Haag

‘A highlight of the week! Super relaxing yin class, perfect to set you up for the week. Melanie is a wonderful and skilled teacher. She helped me rediscover that yoga can be a fun and creative way of taking care of yourself!’


Where can you find me?


Weekly Yin & Flow classes

4 Seasons Retreats

Organizing day retreats, dedicated to your wellbeing each season of the year. www.4seasonsretreats.com

Nationale Theater

In-company program for actors and director, based on Yin Yoga, meditation and Slow Flow.

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About SOL

SOL – Yoga with Melanie offers yoga and meditation practices for all levels, that guide you back to yourself AND bring out those warm rays of sunshine within you.

Melanie is a qualified and experienced Yin and Strala Yoga teacher.

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