SOL – Yoga with Melanie

Mindfulness, breathwork and yoga for all levels, that guides you back to the coziest home you can imagine: yourself. By relaxed exploration, you will become skilled in truly feeling your body and letting movement arise from here. This is the secret to gradually making yoga feel like YOU. Who said yoga should always be serious? Or should be done according to ‘perfect’ and fixed shapes? Respecting the uniqueness of your body – and its boundaries – we playfully explore how yoga, breath and mindfulness can soothe your nervous system, clear the mind and energize your body.

Join a class, workshop or retreat, book a private session or go for a customized in-company vitality program, and let’s bring out those warm rays of sunshine inside of you, shall we?

Choose your yoga

Yoga classes – Groups and private

Looking for an after-work yoga session to soothe your nervous system? Or an energising yoga lunchbreak? You are welcome to join my weekly classes in the beautiful studio of Delight. Check out my schedule for yoga classes here.

Private and individual sessions can be scheduled upon request and tailored to your needs.

Workshops and Retreats

From breathing techniques and mindfulness, to ‘How to truly relax’: Dive into your topic of interest and enrich your yoga practice by attending a workshop. Are you more the ‘all or nothing’ type? Surrender into a complete immersion of rest and serenity in one of my seasonal retreats. Check out what is next on the schedule!

In-company vitality plans

It has been scientifically proven that yoga and meditation stimulate one’s productivity, creativity, concentration and resilience. Besides that, vitality, wellbeing and satisfaction of employees become increasingly important. Happy team = happy output! With experience in vitality plans at theaters, consultancy firms, banks and municipalities, I created various short and long-term programs that can be customized to what your organisation needs. Find out how you can help your workers thrive!


‘A very nice and playful yin class from a lovely teacher, with a very calm and grounding voice’

― Zeyda, Den Haag

‘Melanie just knows how to get me completely out of my head, so that I can sink into my body. In these moments, I am away from my daily hustle and bustle of work. It feels like her classes last only 10 minutes, they pass by so quickly. They are a gift to my well-being. Highly recommended!’

― Alette, Den Haag

‘A highlight of the week! Super relaxing classes, perfect to set you up for the week. Melanie is a wonderful and skilled teacher. She helped me rediscover that yoga can be a fun and creative way of taking care of yourself!’



SOL – Yoga with Melanie offers yoga and mindfulness practices for all levels, that guide you back to yourself and bring out those warm rays of sunshine within you.

Melanie is a qualified and experienced Yin & Strala Yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer.

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