Vitality plans

Want to increase your (team’s) productivity, creativity, focus and resilience? Science shows yoga and mindfulness are highly effective tools for that. They are also known to contribute to one’s vitality, well-being and satisfaction, which is becoming increasingly important in the work place. Happy team = happy output!

With experience in vitality plans at theaters, consultancy firms, banks and municipalities, I created various easy-to-implement programs to bring well-being into your organisation. Of course, all programs can be customized to what’s needed in your organisation. Curious? Check out below how you can help your workers thrive.

Mindful work breaks


✓ 3 or more online sessions of 20 min.

✓ Each session a different focus: Breathwork, Mindfulness and (Desk) Yoga

✓ Exercises for all levels – easy to do behind your desk

✓ Easily scheduled in between the working day as a relaxing and energizing pause

Yoga Journey


✓ 6 sessions of 45-60 min
(Online or in-company)

✓ 3x dynamic yoga style (Flow) + 3x relaxing stretches for shoulders, neck, back and hips (Yin)

✓ Suitable for all levels

Company Retreat


A (mid)day to reconnect with yourself, relax your nervous system and gain new energy & inspiration. We tend to your vitality and well-being with practical (all level) self-care practices for body, mind and breath. So that you can return to work invigorated, focussed and inspired.


‘Knowledgeable, calm and playful at the same time. That is Melanie. So excited about her programs! They are suitable for all levels and brought harmony, energy and renewed creativity to our team.

— Petra

Melanie just knows how to get me completely out of my head, so that I can sink into my body. In these moments, I’m away from my daily hustle and bustle of work. It feels like her sessions last only 10 minutes, they pass by so quickly. They are a gift to my well-being. Highly recommended!’


‘Practicing yoga and mindfulness together impacted the level of harmony and team spirit within the group in a very positive way. We experienced fewer disruptions, conflict and resistance during our rehearsal period.’

— Eric
(Director, National Theater)

If you like to explore yoga & mindfulness in an accessible way, definitely book a program with Melanie! Her classes are absolutely restful and mindful. She makes sure everyone is comfortable with the poses and she lets you be playful and explorative with them. She is so calm and gentle that you feel refreshed and reborn after each session.’

— Sharon

‘Melanie’s sessions seem to pass by so quickly. Her way of guiding makes me feel very relaxed: she is experienced, calm and explains exercises clearly. Her yoga classes & mindful work breaks help me to de-stress profoundly, especially with my busy work schedule.’


‘The online Mindful Work breaks (20 min) were super easy to implement in our workday and really helped to de-stress and re-energize. I still practice daily the breathing techniques I learned.’

— Bart 

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