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Dive into your topic of interest and enrich your yoga practice by attending a workshop. Are you more the ‘all or nothing’ type? Surrender into a complete immersion of rest and serenity in one of my retreats.
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Autumn Day Retreat

Let it go
7 November 2021
Oohm, Vogelenzang

This day retreat is all about reconnecting with yourself and nature this autumn season. Nourish your body, mind and soul with movement & breathing practices, Ayurvedic nutrition and nature’s wisdom. The program of the day retreat is designed to help you connect to your essence. Autumn is a perfect time to unclutter and let go of all that no longer serves you. Just like the trees shedding their leaves.

In Eastern philosophy, the autumn season is all about the air element and the lungs. Ask yourself: what nourishes you and would you like to soak up – like a fresh inbreath? And what in your life no longer feels like ‘you’ and do you want to release – just like your outbreath?

In short: come back to your true nature. And anything that doesn’t feel supportive of that? Let it go.

Mini Retreat:
Slowing Down

Slow Flow & Yin
January 2022
Helder Yoga, The Hagu

It’s easy and tempting nowadays to get caught up in the rush of everyday life. But in an age of speed, it can be so liberating to go slow. To find moments of rest. To choose your own pace of living. No matter what you are doing – from working, to cleaning or practicing yoga – it is worth doing it slowly and with ease. The space, awareness and softness that arises from that, will not only nourish your body & soul, surprisingly it will often allow you to do more than you would have been able to do from a place of stress, rush and tension.

In this workshop you will experience how it feels to actually move slow and approach yoga – and life – with softness and ease. How we do our practice matters more than what we do exactly. Be ready to enjoy both an energizing Slow Flow as well as a relaxing Yin class. Learn about ease and get ready for reflection!

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