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Dive into your topic of interest and enrich your yoga practice by attending a workshop. Are you more the ‘all or nothing’ type? Surrender into a complete immersion of rest and serenity in one of my retreats.
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Online Strala Yoga Special

Slow Flow
14 March 2021
Ajna Tempel, The Hague

Dance into spring season with this light Strala yoga flow. Strala Yoga is a soft, but dynamic yoga flow, that allows you to get in touch with your body and move in a way that feels good and nourishing. The Swedish word ‘Stråla’ means ‘light beam’, and that’s exactly what this practice does: it shows you how to move with a sense of lightness & playfulness, and connect to your bright side.

Mini Retreat:
Slowing Down

Slow Flow & Yin
29 May 2021
Helder Yoga, The Hagu

It’s easy and tempting nowadays to get caught up in the rush of everyday life. But in an age of speed, it can be so liberating to go slow. To find moments of rest. To choose your own pace of living. No matter what you are doing – from working, to cleaning or practicing yoga – it is worth doing it slowly and with ease. The space, awareness and softness that arises from that, will not only nourish your body & soul, surprisingly it will often allow you to do more than you would have been able to do from a place of stress, rush and tension.

In this workshop you will experience how it feels to actually move slow and approach yoga – and life – with softness and ease. How we do our practice matters more than what we do exactly. Be ready to enjoy both an energizing Slow Flow as well as a relaxing Yin class. Learn about ease and get ready for reflection!

Mini Retreat:
Deep Relaxation

Yin yoga, mindfulness & breath
19 June 2021
Helder Yoga, The Hague

How do we build rest into our daily schedule? Do we even know how to truly relax? In this workshop we will reflect on which role relaxation currently plays in your life and which path to rest works for you. You will learn practical tools for relaxation and you will experience how it feels to truly allow relaxation into your body & mind. Combining Yin yoga, breathing techniques, as well as aromatherapy, journaling and music, this is a wonderful gift to yourself and your nervous system.

Coming up July 2021

Mini Summer Retreat

Strala yoga, Ayurveda, journaling
4 July 2021
Ajna Tempel, The Hague

Which self-care practices help you feel vital, healthy and in balance? That differs from season to season. The more we move with the flow of the seasons, the more flow and balance we will feel within ourselves. After all, we are part of nature! On Sunday 4 July, Ajna Tempel and I invite you to immerse yourself in the warm, intimate and serene retreat feeling and above all: the spirit of summer. An afternoon just for you, which is entirely devoted to your vitality in this season.

That vitality can be fully experienced in nature during summer: the sun is in its power and its warm light shines in abundance. And so can you! Be inspired by this spike in energy and vitality, and connect with your inner strength, creative expression and ‘joie de vivre’. You are very welcome during this afternoon filled with self-care practices, such as an energizing Strala yoga, mindfulness, aromatherapy, seasonal Ayurveda and reflective journaling. All fully attuned to summertime, so that you too can shine this season!

Summer Day Retreat

‘Shine from within’
25 July 2021
Moon’s Farm, Noordwijk

Energizing yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness in nature, summer tunes, outdoor coaching and mellow hammocks: welcome to our Summer Day Retreat!

This is a day just for you, so that you can return home revitalized, inspired and lighthearted! A summer break to celebrate all the abundance around and within us, and to connect to your own sunshine within.

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