Yoga Journey

A journey from mind to body,
accompanied by acoustic guitar tunes

6 Yoga sessions for all levels (NL/EN)

What does the Yoga Journey look like?

We start with 3x Flow yoga sessions of 45-60 min, where we explore movement in a gentle and playful way. You will be guided by an experienced yoga teacher and accompanied by acoustic guitar tunes. The goal? Using poses to discover and sink into the body, rather than ‘perfecting’ a pose

During the last 3 yoga sessions of our journey, it’s time to stretch & relax deeply with Yin. Yin yoga is a meditative style of yoga, where we relax into poses for a longer while. The body is supported by props & pillows. This practice enhances a deep connection between your body, mind and breath. In combination with acoustic guitar tunes, these Yin sessions are a gift to your nervous system. The classes are focussed on:
o Shoulders, neck, back & chest
o Hips
o Integral practice for the whole body

Why embark on a Yoga Journey?

  • Brings you out of your head, into your body. How does your body feel? Can you respect the limits of your body, or do you notice the tendency to push through?
  • Reduces stress by creating harmony between body and mind
  • Brings clarity to the mind
  • Flow yoga strengthens & energizes the body
  • Yin yoga enhances energy flow, opens the body’s tissues and makes the body more flexible

‘Relaxation is the keyword. I felt relaxed in my body, mind and with the team. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. I enjoyed it immensely.’

— Jennifer

‘Practicing yoga and mindfulness together impacted the level of harmony and team spirit within the group in a very positive way. We experienced fewer disruptions, conflict and resistance during our rehearsal period.’

— Eric (Director at National Theater)

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