Mindful work breaks

Fresh mind amidst your workday?
Enjoy a mindful break.

✓ 3 or more online sessions (20 min. each)

✓ Each session a different focus: Breathwork, Mindfulness and (Desk) Yoga

✓ Exercises for all levels – easy to do behind your desk

✓ Easily scheduled in between the workday as a relaxing and energizing pause

✓ Can be guided in Dutch or English

Why Mindful work breaks?

  • Improve the focus and clarity of the brain. This creates room for new ideas and solutions
  • Strengthen body awareness
  • Reduce stress by balancing out body & mind
  • Calm the nervous system and induce relaxation
  • Leading to increased vitality, inspiration & productivity

Preview of a session

Themed: ‘Breath’ (20 min)

  • Introduction: Why breathwork?
  • Mini-meditation: Checking in with yourself
  • Breath technique 1: Explanation technique & benefits + guided practice
  • Breath technique 2: Explanation technique & benefits + guided practice
  • Mindful minute
  • Sharing & questions
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