Company Retreat

Relax & Recharge

A (mid)day dedicated to your well-being

Our nervous system and brain get to process a lot of stimuli on a daily basis. It is therefore essential to grant ourselves enough space and time to slow down, rest and ‘digest’ all that we take in. That’s exactly the purpose of The Company Retreat! A (mid)day to fully recharge and recharge your batteries. No to-do’s, no rush: time to truly unwind.

Let yourself be immersed into the serene retreat vibe. A day packed with accessible self-care practices that unite body, mind and breath and that can be easily integrated into your daily living after the retreat.

Flow with the seasons

Your company retreat can be tailored to the season we are in, by bundling self-care
practices that specifically support your body and mind this time of year. After all, in every season nature moves in a different rhythm. And so can we. I unite different areas of expertise – movement & stillness practices, nutrition, reflection and inspiration from nature – into a holistic program, dedicated to your well-being.

When we live in harmony with nature and the flow of the seasons, we live in better harmony with ourselves too. Each season requires a different approach to self-care in order to support ourselves optimally. Seasonal retreats help you flow through the change of the seasons with grace and ease and in connection with your inner-self.


The Company Retreat can be hosted in your office space or in a beautiful, external retreat venue. The program can be tailored to what fits your team’s needs and wishes. Optional program elements:


✓ Strala or Yin Yoga session with acoustic guitar tunes
✓ Breath Journey
✓ Ayurvedic Nutrition: how can nutrition support your vitality and well-being this season?


✓ Mindfulness
✓ Reflective journaling
✓ Reflection based on symbolism of the season. What happens in nature this season and how can we let ourselves (and our daily living) be inspired by that?


✓ Sound healing
✓ Live musicians
✓ Coaching or training

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