Jellyfish your way through (yoga) life

Eh, what…?

I know, sounds…. abstract. Even weird perhaps. Funny for sure. And trust me, there was definitely some eyebrow-raising going on, when I heard about jellyfishing for the first time. But despite my initial reaction, I can tell you without a doubt: this is such a practical and effective tool that has made life and yoga much more mellow and fun. And I don’t want to keep that to myself. So here I am, sharing this weird concept with you. 

Assuming your pet life doesn’t include a jellyfish, please check out this beautiful video and carefully look at the way a jellyfish moves. Let yourself be completely fascinated and absorbed by its dynamic. Can you see the grace in its movement? The ease and softness with which the jellyfish flows through water? Expanding and relaxing. That, my friend, is jellyfishing. And we can do that too.

Here’s how

We can let ourselves be inspired by the jellyfish and its qualities of grace, ease, softness and flow. In yoga and every other thing we do in life. Whether that’s cleaning the kitchen floor, feeding your kids. loving those near to you or participating in another videocall. Jellyfishing is not some spirtual blabla. It’s a practical choice. In each moment. A way to approach our day-to-day living. 

I used to think of yoga as ‘going from one pose to the other’, trying to ‘do it as well as possible’ by pusing my body into different shapes. Aligning myself in a Warrior II, with superstraight arms, energized fingers, straight back leg. Perfect, you would say. Not for me. Despite the fact that perfection has never brought the fun into my yoga party, I discovered that ‘nailing a pose’ is REALLY not the point of yoga. Nor is the idea of moving from one pose to another, as if they were seperate ‘end points’ to reach. I started realizing: if I’d like to feel at ease after a yoga class, it only makes sense to ensure I feel relaxed during the class. Cause how we approach something, determines how we feel once we ‘get there’. Indeed, this is where jellyfishing can make a difference.

Jellyfishing is moving through your yoga practice – or life – as if you were flowing in water. Complete softness in your body & mind, relaxation in the shoulders, unclenched jaws, wiggly fingers. Gracefully ‘landing’ into a pose, softening there, feeling it out in any way that serves you, and from that place of ease letting yourself be naturally pulled to the next movement. Feeling how an inhale expands you, and an exhale allows you to relax even more – wherever you are. With an open, spacious mind, you start to realize: There are no end points, there’s no need for ambition. There’s only a moment-to-moment exploration. In this way, pose-to-pose-yoga slowly transforms into a fluid and graceful dance. The dance of yoga. The dance of the jellyfish. The dance of you. 

Who thought a jellyfish could ever be a rolemodel?
Hell, I didn’t.   

Let’s jellyfish together!
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