How to move when you’re not motivated?

The struggle we all face.

Feeling ‘heavy’? Just want to crash out after a long day of work? Feeling too tired, overwhelmed or unfocused to workout? Do you want to be active, but have no clue where to start in this jungle of online offerings? Or do you struggle finding time at all?

Congrats, you are human. You are not alone. And so, this blog is dedicated to us all: perfectly imperfect humans, with big aims, and sometimes fewer results in making them actually happen. How does that happen? And what can we do about it?

First of all – and obvious, I hope – I am not some Guru with a magic pill that’ will instantly dissolve your motivational challenges. I am just another human being, facing similar challenges – yep, yoga teachers struggle too – sharing my thoughts, experiences and tips & tricks. Here we go!

  1. Why?
    Getting a clear picture of why you would want to workout in the first place, can be of big help. How will moving your body benefit you and your life? How will you feel after practice? Will you relate differently to others?
    For me, being active is a form of selfcare. I know it keeps my body healthy, it reduces stress, produces happy hormones and helps me to sleep better. But more importantly: it simply makes me feel…. Good :-). Moving makes me feel energized, strong and healthy. And in case you are wondering: I’m not solely referring to the look-at-my-abs kind of workouts. A ‘soft’ practice, like Yin Yoga, can make me feel just as energized and strongly connected – if not more.  

    If you know your ‘why’, you have your rock solid motivation. My commitment to taking care of myself is my reason to be active. And if I see it this way, my ‘have to move’ slowly starts to turn into a WANT to move. After all: who doesn’t want to take care and feel good?

  2. Be playful about it
    The more we push and force ourselves into movement or a particular practice the more resistance and tension we create in our body and mind. We all have that inner rebel, that thinks: screw this, that ain’t funAnd you know what? He or she is ABSOLUTELY right! If our goal is to feel good and take care of our wellbeing, it only makes sense to reach that by having fun along the way. Enjoying our practice. Appreciating the fact that we are lucky to have arms and legs that can move, a heart that can pump a breath that nurtures you. There’s no point in going to war with ourselves, especially not our body.

    So let your imagination fly for a moment: what kind of movement makes you smile? Do you like to dance to ‘Paradise by the Dashboard light’? Do you prefer wiggling & shaking your Down Dog in your yoga practice? Do you like to crawl your way to the kitchen? Do you enjoy running games outdoors with your kids, or swimming in the sea? What kind of movement will you enjoy most right now?

  3. Balance
    Ugh, a cheesy word, but to be fair: we can’t do without it in our lives. Balance keeps us sane and, literally, on our feet. It means eating the apple AND the pie. Taking care of others AND taking care of yourself. Being really kind and soft for yourself on some days AND giving yourself an extra nudge on others. Allowing yourself to be the King of Couch Potatoes one evening and committing to a workout another. Basically, if you want to slack: slack big time, enjoy it! Just make sure you give yourself an extra nudge anytime soon to compensate and honour the possibilities of your body. 

    And with this sense of ease, allowing and embracing all aspects of yourself – the one that wants to do nothing, the one that wants to be healthy, the one that feels tired, the one that enjoys dancing – you’re often much more likely to get yourself moving again. In YOUR way that feels good. The way that makes you genuinely smile. As a celebration of our body, not a punishment.

Happy moving, friends! (or slacking.. all good)  

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