Time to celebrate!

Yoga with balloons? Sure! Monday we made our LIVE Yin practice a little extra festive. Cause, why not? There is always something to celebrate, right? Even if it’s ‘just’ the fact that we are alive and kicking, something that we often take for granted, but is so fragile. Especially in these Corona times.

I turned 31 Tuesday, a good reason for celebration. Amidst the Corona crisis, I didn’t hold many expectations of my birthday this year. I decorated my own home with balloons, flowers and candles, DIY-ing somewhat of a festive vibe. Sometimes we need to celebrate ourselves, right?

Turns out: so many other people celebrated with me! My friend surprised me with a yummie strawberry overkill for breakfast. Appearantly getting creative with strawberries on birthday’s has turned into our own weird, little tradition :-). Accompanied with sweet notes and an airbed + marshmallows for campfire adventures, this morning was already more special than I could have imagined. The rest of the day, I was surprised by the amount of warm wishes, cards, flowers and surprise visits of the lovely people in my life. I’ve had champagne on the streets – an unusual thing I can tell you šŸ˜‰ – and a 1,5-meter-distant beach walk with my parents, who I haven’t seen for 3 months. Oh, and let’s not forget the online birthday jam session, where Zoom pulled a great joke of kicking me out of my own party! Synchronized singing did not happen that evening, but it was so special to see my friends’ faces.  

All of this made me realize: warmth is not bound to distance. Warmth is always present inside of our hearts. I know, very cheesy, but boy is it true! And so is connection. So this week I celebrate all the love and awesome people in my life. Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing you, with me. And in case you’re wondering: Yes, you included.

What will you celebrate today?

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