Flowing, not forcing

One of the essential principles I like to highlight in my yoga (classes) and when making life choices.

How often do we tend to overdo things? Overperform? Push ourselves like crazy, instead of allowing things to unfold and simply surf along? 🏄🏽‍♀️ .

The funny – and paradoxal – thing is that the more we do things with a sense of ease and playfulness, the more effective we often become. And even better: the better we feel once we ‘get there’. HOW you do the things you do, determines how you feel once you reach your destination. Whether that is a yoga pose or the accomplishment of a deadline. Acting from a place of force, only creates more tension in your body and mind, leaving you feel depleted once you finally reached your goal.

In our ‘flowy’ yoga practice we can move according to a ‘just enough principle’, which I mention a lot in my classes. It’s a playful exploration of that sweet spot of ‘just enough effort’. Not too little, not too much. Warrior II with a super straight leg, perfectly aligned armes, and tensed up fingers? Could be. OR you take it down a notch: soften the elbows generously, wiggle the fingers, melt down the shoulders, bring a smile to the face and keep your legs relaxed and movable. Cause your knees don’t like to be in lock down, either 🙃

Flowing, not forcing. Dancing from one pose to the other, flowing along in any direction that feels good, soft and natural. And with all that freed up energy, you suddenly feel lighter, more joyful and more at ease. Give it a try? ✌️ .

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