‘100 cry’s, 1000 smiles’

I love this exciting feeling when I walk down the stairs and see a postcard on the doormat. This week a sweet and supporting card from my mother. She wrote: ‘Just be patient and everything will fall into place. And remember: if life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show it a 1000 reasons to smile’. And so, as last week was one with pretty turbulent events, I started writing a list. What am I grateful for? What brings up a bright smile on my lips?

All the immense love of my friends and family around me. The fun we have, the music we play, the songs we sing, the meaningful talks, the always-having-each-other’s-back. My health. Fresh fruits and flowers. A new business opportunity that came to me yesterday.Drawing. My Yin yoga practice (which my mind desperately tries to avoid in turbulent times, but once I lay on the mat, my body is like: THANK YOU, I needed that).

The funny thing is: the more I started writing, the more the ‘smiley reasons’ popped up in my mind. There’s this saying: Where attention goes, energy flows. By redirecting my brain’s focus to the good stuff, the good got better. A little sweeter. Not eliminating the turbulent situations and feelings, just balancing them out. Feeling challenged AND having trust that things will always work out well, feeling sad AND grateful, feeling vulnerable AND resilient.

So cheers to the things that make us cry AND laugh. Here’s to perspective and our power to choose on which side we would like to stand. And like mum said: ‘Keep the sunny side up’. Hate it, when moms are right.  

What made you smile today?   

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